H. I. Petersen1 *, M. Hertle1, A. Juhasz1 and H. Krabbe1

1 Maersk Oil, Esplanaden 50, DK-1263 Copenhagen K, Denmark.

* Corresponding author, email: henrik.ingermann.petersen@maerskoil.com

Variations in liquid petroleum compositions in the Danish Central Graben and Siri Fairway, North Sea, demonstrate the presence of several active source rock facies. To address this issue in detail, a total of 213 samples of liquid petroleum from the Danish Central Graben and the Siri Fairway were typed to eight main oil families and three sub-families based on characteristic geochemical properties and principal component analysis (PCA). Comparison with source rock extract data made it possible to suggest correlative source rocks for each oil family together with the source rock depositional environments. The main oil families are: 1(B), 2(B), 3a(B), 3b(B), 4(B-D/E), 5(D/E-B), 6(D/E-F) and 7(A), where the capital letters in brackets refer to the organofacies types of Pepper and Corvi (1995), thus directly linking the oil family type to the source rock facies. Oil families 1(B), 2(B), 3a(B) and 3b(B) were charged from marine shales (principally the Upper Jurassic Farsund Formation); oil families 4(B-D/E) and 5(D/E-B) are mixed petroleums with both terrigenous and marine components; oil family 6(D/E-F) was charged from Middle Jurassic coaly units; whereas oil family 7(A) was charged from a carbonate source (Zechstein dolomites). Family 7(A) has only been documented in the form of oil stains. The most widespread oil family is 3a(B), sourced from Upper Jurassic marine shales. Charging from different organofacies is indicated by oil family 3b(B), which was derived from parts of the same shale succession which were more terrigenous-influenced and possibly slightly more oxic; and families 2(B) and 1(B), which were sourced from more organic-rich, anoxic parts of the shales. Mildly biodegraded oils (Level 1 to 2) appear mainly to occur in the central to southern parts of the Danish Central Graben.

Keywords: Source rocks, organofacies, oil family, petroleum, biodegradation, Danish Central Graben, Siri Fairway, North Sea.

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