JOURNAL OF PETROLEUM GEOLOGY, digital graphics files

Computer generated graphics files can be accepted from the following packages (Mac or PC):

Adobe Illustrator to version 10

Macromedia FreeHand to version 9

CorelDraw to version 8

Adobe Photoshop (all versions) - work at a minimum resolution of 300dpi at A4 size, save as .psd, .tif .eps or .jpg (use low compression for JPEGs).

Microsoft PowerPoint (not recommended for complex diagrams)

All other packages

Export data (in order of preference) as:

1) .eps (EPS)

2) .tif (TIFF minimum resolution 300dpi)

3) .jpg (JPEG minimum resolution 300dpi, low compression/highest quality setting)

4) .pdf (Adobe PDF to version 4, low compression, no downsampling)


To avoid text re-flowing try to use common fonts i.e. Times, Arial, Helvetica.

Any special fonts i.e. those with accents for a particular language, should be converted to curves or outlines in the graphics package before saving the final file.

Photographs, Flat Artwork and Scanning

It is preferable to send first generation originals to the Editor for scanning, however if this is not possible and you do the scanning please note the minimum acceptable resolution settings for the following:

Bitmap - black and white line drawings (i.e. no close or fine hatch lines/dots or tints), minimum resolution 600dpi.

Grayscale - black and white photos, seismic or drawings with tints, minimum resolution 300dpi

Colour RGB or CMYK - colour photos or artwork, minimum resolution 300dpi

Save as .tif (TIFF) or .jpg (JPEG using low compression/highest quality setting).

Sending data

Media acceptable:

Floppy disk (Mac or PC)

100MB Zip disk (Mac or PC)

CD ROM (Mac or PC)

ISDN ask the Editor for details