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Journal of Petroleum Geology April 2015
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Contents of Vol 24, nos 1-4, 2001

Vol. 24, no. 1, January, 2001
• The significance of strike-slip faulting in the basement of the Zagros fold-and-thrust belt
by K. Hessami, H. A. Koyi and C. Talbot (Uppsala University)
view abstract

• The petroleum geology of the Early Eocene El Garia Formation, Hasdrubal field, offshore Tunisia
by A. Racey (BG International) et al. view abstract
• Constraints on diagenesis and reservoir quality in the fractured Hasdrubal field, offshore Tunisia
by C. I. Macaulay (University of Edinburgh) et al. view abstract
• A review of Eocene nummulite accumulations: structure, formation and reservoir potential
by A. Racey (BG International) view abstract
• Statistical distribution and correlation of petrophysical parameters in the Arab-D reservoir, Abqaiq oilfield, Eastern Saudi Arabia
by A. Sahin and S. Saner (KFUPM, Dhahran) view abstract
• International Events

Vol. 24, no. 2, April 2001
• Cretaceous to Miocene palaeogeographic evolution of Turkey: implications for hydrocarbon potential
b N. Gorur and O. Tuysuz (Istanbul Technical University) view abstract
• Fault-related solution cleavage in exposed carbonate reservoir rocks in the Southern Apennines, Italy
by A. Billi and F. Salvini (University of Rome "Tre") view abstract
• The evolution of a model trap in the Central Apennines, Italy:
fracture patterns, fault reactivation and development of cataclastic rocks in carbonates in the Narni Anticline
by F. Storti and F. Salvini (University of Rome "Tre") view abstract
• Timing and modes of deformation in the Western Sicilian thrust system, southern Italy
by L. Tortorici (Catania University) et al. view abstract
• The hydrocarbon prospectivity of Lower Oligocene deposits in the Maragh Trough, SE Sirte Basin, Libya
by R. Gruenwald (Wintershall, Libya) view abstract
• Meeting Report
• Obituary: E. N. Tiratsoo
• International Events

Vol. 24, no. 3, July 2001
• A new depositional model and sequence stratigraphic interpretation for the Upper Jurassic Arab "D" reservoir in Qatar
by H. Al-Saad and F. N. Sadooni (University of Qatar) view abstract
• Reefs in the basinal facies of the Zechstein Limestone (Upper Permian) of Western Poland: a new gas play
by K. Dyjaczynski (PGNiG SA, Poland) et al. view abstract
• Geochemical characterization of Lower Toarcian source rocks from NW Germany: interpretation of aromatic and saturated hydrocarbons in relation to depositional environment and maturation effects
by M. Radke (Research Centre Julich, Germany) et al. view abstract
• Characterization of organic matter formed in hypersaline carbonate/evaporite environments: hydrocarbon potential and biomarkers obtained through artificial maturation studies
by B. C. Schreiber (Appalachian State University), R. P. Philp et al.
view abstract
• The role of Pleistocene strike-slip tectonics in the Neogene-Quaternary evolution of the Southern Apennine orogenic belt: implications for oil trap development
by C. Monaco (Catania University) et al. view abstract
• A preliminary evaluation of Jurassic source rock potential in Kuwait
by F. H. Abdullah (Kuwait University) view abstract
• International Events

Vol. 24, no. 4, October 2001
Thematic series: Field applications of intelligent computing techniques
Guest Editors: P. Wong (University of New South Wales) and
M. Nikravesh (University of California, Berkeley)

• Introduction
by P. Wong (University of New South Wales) and M. Nikravesh (University of California, Berkeley) view abstract
• Neural network prediction of permeability in the El Garia Formation, Ashtart oilfield, offshore Tunisia
by J. H. Ligtenberg and A. G. Wansink (de Groot-Bril Earth Sciences, The Netherlands) view abstract
• Well log calibration of Kohonen classified seismic attributes using Bayesian logic
by M. T. Taner et al. (Rock Solid Images, Houston) view abstract
• Interpreting biostratigraphical data using fuzzy logic: the identification of regional mudstones within the Fleming field, UK North Sea
by M. I. Wakefield, R. J. Cook, H. Jackson and P. Thompson (BG Group, Reading) view abstract
• Fuzzy partitioning systems for electrofacies classification: a case study from the Maracaibo Basin
by J. J. Finol, Y. K. Guo and X. D. Jing (Imperial College) view abstract
• Integrated fractured reservoir characterization using neural networks and fuzzy logic: Three case studies
by A. M. Zellou and A. Ouenes (Reservoir Characterization, Research & Consulting Englewood, USA) view abstract
• "The age of the Hawasina and other problems of Oman Mountains geology, by H. Hugh Wilson": Discussion
by K. W. Glennie (Aberdeen University) view abstract
• Index, volume 24

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