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Journal of Petroleum Geology April 2015
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Contents of Vol 22, nos 1-4, 1999

January 1999, vol. 22, no. 1

"Neogene sedimentation and tectonics in the
Western Mediterranean"
scientific editors: M. Boccaletti, M. Dahmani and G. Moratti

• Introduction, by M. Boccaletti, M. Dahmani and G. Moratti

• Tectonics and sedimentation within a Messinian foredeep in the Central Apennines, Italy, by S. Bigi (La Sapienza University, Rome) et al.

• Depositional and structural dynamics of the Pliocene Peri-Adriatic Foredeep, NE Italy, by P. Dattilo (Fina SpA), R. Pasi and G.Bertozzi

• Compressive Neogene-Quaternary tectonics in the hinterland area of the Northern Apennines, by M. Boccaletti (University of Florence, Italy), M. Bonini, G. Moratti and F. Sani

• The diversity of Late Neogene sedimentary basins generated by wrench faulting in the Eastern Betic Cordillera, SE Spain, by C. Montenat (IGAL, France) and Ph. Ott d’Estevou

• Neogene sedimentation and tectonic-eustatic control of the Malaga Basin, South Spain, by A. C. Lopez-Garrido (University of Granada) and C. Sanz de Galdeano

• The origin and development of Neogene basins in the SE Betic Cordillera (SE Spain): A case study of the Tabernas-Sorbas and Huercal Overa Basins, by A. M. Poisson (Univ. Paris-Sud), J. L. Morel, J. Andrieux, M. Coulon, R. Wernli, and C. Guernet

• Tectonics and sedimentation in the Taza-Guercif Basin, Northern Morocco: implications for the Neogene evolution of the Rif-Middle Atlas orogenic system, by M. Bernini (Parma University, Italy), M. Boccaletti, R. Gelati, G. Moratti, G. Papani and J. El Mokhtari

April 1999, vol. 22, no. 2
• Petroleum Reserves: new definitions by the Society of Petroleum Engineers and the World Petroleum Congress, by A. R. Martinez and C. L. McMichael (Co-Chairmen, SPE/WPC Committee on the Definition of Petroleum Reserves)

• Basement lithology and its control on sedimentation, trap formation and hydrocarbon migration, Widuri-Intan oilfields, SE Sumatra, by P. C. Tonkin and R. Himawan (Maxus Inc.)

• Geochemical characteristics and thermal maturity of oils from the Thrace Basin (Western Turkey) and W. Turkmenistan, by K. Gurgey (TPG, Ankara)

• The geology of natural gas in P. R. China: a review, by Hu Jianyi (RIPED, Beijing), Dou Lirong and Li Qinming

• Permeability prediction from well logs using an improved "windowing" technique, by P. Wong (University of New South Wales)

• Author’s Correction, by M. D. Max

• Discussion on "Relations between depth of burial, vitrinite reflectance and geothermal gradient", by G. M. Friedman

• Reply, by R. P. Suggate

July 1999, vol. 22, no. 3
"Hydrocarbon potential of the Irish Sea"scientific editor: D. Quirk (Oxford Brookes University)

• Petroleum geology and future hydrocarbon potential of the Irish Sea, by D. G. Quirk (Burlington Resources), S. Roy, I. Knott, J. Redfern and L. Hill

• Interpretation of vitrinite reflectance profiles in the Central Irish Sea area: implications for the timing of organic maturation, by D. Corcoran and G. Clayton (Trinity College, Dublin)

• Tectonic evolution of the Southern-Central Irish Sea Basin, by S. Maingarm (University of Wales, Aberystwyth), C. Izatt, R. J. Whittington and W. R. Fitches

• The geology and hydrocarbon habitat of the Peel and Solway Basin, by P. Newman (Elf Exploration UK)

• A new perspective on the zonation and correlation of barren strata: an integrated heavy mineral and palaeomagnetic study of the Sherwood Sandstone Group, East Irish Sea Basin and surrounding areas, by M. Mange (Oxford University), P. Turner, D. Ince, J. Pugh, and D. Wright.

• Palynological and geochemical analysis of Carboniferous borehole and outcrop samples from the Isle of Man, by A. Racey (BG International), J. G. S. Goodall and D. G. Quirk

• The Irish Sea Region: why the general lack of exploration success?, by D. Naylor and P. M. Shannon (University College, Dublin)

October 1999, vol. 22, no. 4
• Cretaceous source rocks at the Abu Gharadig oil- and gasfield, Northern Western Desert, Egypt, by K. A. Khaled (Helwan Univ., Egypt)

• Volcanic reservoir rocks: a case study of the Cretaceous Fenghuadian suite, Huanghua Basin, Eastern China, by Luo Jinglan (Northwest University, Xi’an, China), Zhang Chengli and Qu Zhihao

• Qatar’s oil and gasfields: a review, by A. Al-Siddiqi (Qatar General Petroleum Corporation) and R. A. Dawe (Qatar University)

• Overpressure development and hydrofracturing in the South China Sea, by Xie Xinong (China University of Geosciences), Li Sitian, Dong Weiliang and Zhang Qiming

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