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Journal of Petroleum Geology April 2015
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Contents of Vol. 30, no. 1-4 2007

Vol. 30, no. 4, October 2007

Source rock evaluation of coals from the
Lower Maastrichtian Mamu Formation, SE Nigeria
S. O. Akande (University of Ilorin, Nigeria), I.B. Ogunmoyero, H.I Petersen and H.P. Nytoft view abstract

The petroleum potential of the Silurian succession in Lithuania
O. Zdanaviciute (Institute of Geology & Geography, Vilnius, Lithuania) and J. Lazauskiene view abstract

Kinetics of hydrocarbon gas generation from marine kerogen and oil: Implications for the origin of natural gas at the Hetianhe gasfield, Tarim Basin, NW China
Y. P. Wang (Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,CAS, Guangzhou) et al. view abstract

Mapping and classifying flow units in the upper part of the
mid-Cretaceous Sarvak Formation (western Dezful Embayment, SW Iran) based on a detemination of reservoir rock types
B. Beiranvand (RIPI, NIOC, Iran) A. Ahmadi and M. Sharafodin view abstract

Quantitative estimates of oil losses during migration, Part I:
The saturation of pathways in carrier beds
X. R Luo (Institute of Geology & Geophysics, CAS, Beijing), B. Zhou, S. X. Zhao, F. Q. Zhang and G.Vasseur view abstract

Source rock potential of the Blue Nile (Abay) Basin, Ethiopia
A. Wolela (Ministry of Mines and Energy, Ethiopia) view abstract

Book Review

Index, 2007

Cover: top row: surface units at the Kretinga oilfield in western Lithuania (photos: N. Steponavicius). below (left): oilfield installations at the Siupariai field, western Lithuania, which produces from Middle Cambrian sandstones at a depth of 2000 m; (right): Silurian limestones cropping out on the coast of Saaremaa Island, Baltic Sea (Estonia) (photo: V. Mikulenas). See the related paper by Zdanaviciute and Lazauskiene of this issue.

vol. 30, no. 3, July 2007

Evolution and petroleum potential of Western Greece
V. Karakitsios (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece) and N. Rigakis view abstract

Petroleum seepages at Asuk, Disko, West Greenland:
implications for regional petroleum exploration
J. A. Bojesen-Koefoed (GEUS, Denmark) et al. view abstract

Impact of magmatism on petroleum systems
in the Sverdrup Basin, Canadian Arctic Islands, Nunavut:
a numerical modelling study
S.F. Jones (University of Calgary), H. Wielens, M-C. Williamson and M. Zentilli view abstract

A 3D high-resolution model of bounding surfaces
in aeolian-fluvial deposits: an outcrop analogue study from the
Permian Rotliegend, Northern Germany
C. Fischer (University of Gottingen, Germany), R. Gaupp, M. Dimke and O. Sill view abstract

Geochemical characteristics of natural gas at
six giant accumulations in China
J. Dai (PetroChina, Beijing) et al. view abstract

Short note: Determination of the temperature history for the
U Thong oilfield area (Suphan Buri Basin, Central Thailand)
using a realistic surface temperature 289-296
H. I. Petersen and A. Mathiesen (GEUS, Denmark)

International Events 300

Cover: Photo shows slumps in Late Eocene - Early Miocene limestones of the Pre-Apulian series (Antipaxi Island, Ionian Sea), indicating the instability of the depositional environment at this time. See the related paper by Karakitsios and Rigakis of this issue.

Vol. 30, no. 2, April 2007

Strontium isotope stratigraphy of the Asmari Formation
(Oligocene - Lower Miocene), SW Iran
S. N. Ehrenberg (Statoil) et al. view abstract

Flow unit classification for geological modelling
of a heterogeneous carbonate reservoir:
Cretaceous Sarvak Formation, Dehluran field, SW Iran
A. A. Taghavi (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), A. Mørk and E. Kazemzadeh view abstract

Permeability anisotropy distributions in an
Upper Jurassic carbonate reservoir, eastern Saudi Arabia
A. Sahin (KFUPM, Dhahran), A. Z. Ali, S. Saner and H. Menouar view abstract

Neogene tectonic history of the Sub-Bibanic and M'sila Basins,
northern Algeria: Implications for hydrocarbon potential
H. L. Kheidri (Sonatrach), R. S. Zazoun and N. Sabaou view abstract

The use of well logs to determine the reservoir characteristics
of Miocene rocks at the Bahar Northeast field,
Gulf of Suez, Egypt
E. A. Abd El-Gawad (United Arab Emirates University) view abstract

International Events

Cover: Main photo (by Kjellfrid B. Lyslo) illustrates the upper part of the Oligocene-Miocene Asmari Formation exposed at the northern end of the Khaviz anticline, SW Iran. Smaller photo shows depositional cycles near the middle of the Asmari Formation in the central part of the anticline. The hammer rests on a surface where a thick interval of vuggy, porous grainstone (left) overlies tight peloid packstones (recessive bed). See the related paper by Ehrenberg et al.

Vol. 30, no. 1, January 2007

The thermal gradient history of the Thrace Basin, NW Turkey:
correlation with basin evolution processes
O. Huvaz (Shell International E & P), N. Karahanoglu and V. Ediger view abstract

Fault controls on sediment distribution patterns,
Limón Basin, Costa Rica
C. Brandes (University of Hannover), A. Astorga, S. Back, R. Littke and J. Winsemann view abstract

Geological model evaluation through well test simulation:
a case study from the Wytch Farm oilfield, southern England
S.Y. Zheng (Herriot Watt University), V. M. Legrand and P.W.M. Corbett view abstract

Oils from Cenozoic rift-basins in central and northern
Thailand: source and thermal maturity
H.I. Petersen (GEUS, Denmark), H.P. Nytoft, B. Ratanasthien and A. Foopatthanakamol view abstract

Fracture-filling cements in the Palaeozoic Warburton Basin,
South Australia
M.R. Rezaee (Tehran University, Iran) and X. Sun view abstract

Oils in the NW Niger Delta: aromatic hydrocarbons content
and infrared spectroscopic characterisation
A. Akinlua (Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria), N. Torto and T. R. Ajayi view abstract

Meeting Report "Africa: The Elephants of the Future"

International Events

Cover: Figure illustrates tectonic control on a channelized turbidite depositional system in the offshore South Limón Basin, Costa Rica. A Recent submarine channel runs parallel to the trend of a sea-floor break, which is visible on the three closely-spaced and parallel seismic lines. The position and migration behaviour of the channel is controlled by a hangingwall anticline and a fault-scarp which are a consequence of ongoing thrust tectonics. See the related paper by Brandes et al. in this issue.


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