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Journal of Petroleum Geology April 2015
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Contents of Vol. 32, nos. 1-3 2009

Vol. 32, no. 4, October 2009

Journal of Petroleum Geology October 2009

Shallow-marine microporous carbonate reservoir rocks in the Middle East: Relationship with seawater Mg/Ca ratio and eustatic sea level
C. Volery (University of Geneva), E. Davaud, A. Foubert and B. Caline view abstract

Maturity and source-rock potential of Mesozoic and Palaeozoic sediments, Jifarah Basin, NW Libya
A. Abohajar (Fugro Libya), B. M. Krooss, M. Harouda and R. Littke view abstract

Geochemical characterization of a biodegraded crude oil, Assran field, Central Gulf of Suez
A. H. Hegazi (Alexandria University) and M. Sh. El-Gayar view abstract

Petrophysical characteristics of source and reservoir rocks in the Histria Basin, Western Black Sea
C. Cranganu (Brooklyn College, City University of New York), M. A. Villa, M. Saramet and N. Zakharova view abstract

Geochemical characterization of Central Niger Delta Oils
A. Akinlua (Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria) and T. R. Ajayi view abstract

Estimation of an equivalent shaliness parameter using resistivity and spectroscopy logs: A total expansible clay approach
J. O. Ugbo (University of New South Wales), B. F. J. Kelly and C. R. Ward view abstract

Erratum: Sequence stratigraphy of the Upper Permian Zechstein Main Dolomite carbonates in Western Poland: A new approach, by M. Slowakiewicz and Z. Mikolajewski (Journal of Petroleum Geology volume 32, no. 3, pp 215-234)

Index, 2009

International Events

Cover: Main photo shows the Cenomanian to early Turonian Natih Formation at outcrop in Jabal Madmar (Oman). Eroded rocks (whitish) are composed of microporous carbonates; similar, laterally-equivalent carbonates (Mishrif Formation) form reservoirs in Iraq and Qatar. Overlying darker rocks are tighter limestones which are more resistant to erosion. SEM photomicrographs at right illustrate the microporous matrix (sub-rhombic low-Mg calcite crystals) of the Mishrif Formation. Top two photos illustrate samples from Qatar (depths 1425 m and 1402 m); sample in bottom photo is from Iraq (depth: 3825 m). Shallow-marine carbonates with microporosity are the subject of the paper by Volery et al. on pp. 313 - 326
of this issue. Photos by Chadia Volery.

Vol. 32, no. 3, July 2009

Journal of Petroleum Geology

Sequence stratigraphy of the Upper Permian Zechstein
Main Dolomite Carbonates in Western Poland: a new approach
M. Slowakiewicz (Polish Geological Institute) and Z. Mikolajewski view abstract

Facies analysis and depositional sequences of the
Upper Jurassic Mozduran Formation, a carbonate reservoir
in the Kopet Dagh Basin, NE Iran
M. A. Kavoosi (NIOC) , Y. Lasemi, S. Sherkati and R. Moussavi-Harami view abstract

Lower Silurian "hot shales" in Jordan: a new depositional model
D. K. Loydell (University of Portsmouth), A. Butcher, J. Frýda, S. Lüning and M. Fowler view abstract

Filling history of the Maui B field, New Zealand: New information from oil inclusions in authigenic minerals from
the oil leg in the Maui-B1 well F Sands
S. D. Killops (Applied Petroleum Technology, Norway), A. Reyes and R. H. Funnell view abstract

Dolomitization and related fluid evolution in the
Oligocene - Miocene Asmari Formation,Gachsaran area,
SW Iran: petrographic and isotopic evidence
I. S. Al-Aasm (University of Windsor, Canada), F. Ghazban and M. Ranjbaran view abstract

Obituary: Mohammad Sepehr view abstract

International Events

Cover: Cover image shows acritarchs (top left and bottom right) and graptolites (top right and bottom left) from the Rhuddanian (lower Llandovery, Silurian) of the BG-14 core from southern Jordan. The graptolites enable precise dating of the "hot shales" in the core; the acritarchs are invaluable in the shales' palaeoenvironmental interpretation. Loydell et al. propose a new depositional model for the middle Rhuddanian "hot shale" in the BG-14 core on pp. 261-270 of this issue.

Vol. 32, no. 2, April 2009

Journal of Petroleum Geology

Diagenetic-geochemical patterns and fluid evolution history
of a Lower Jurassic petroleum source rock,
Middle Atlas, Morocco
M. Rachidi (Université Laval, Québec, Canada), F. Neuweiler and D. Kirkwood view abstract

Bach Ho field, a fractured granitic basement reservoir,
Cuu Long Basin, offshore SE Vietnam: a "buried hill" play
Trinh Xuan Cuong (Petrovietnam) and J. K. Warren (Chulalongkorn University, Thailand) view abstract

Investigation of elastic inversion attributes
using the expansible clay model for water saturation
J. O. Ugbo, C. R. Ward and P. G. Lennox (University of New South Wales, Australia) view abstract

Burial history reconstruction using late diagenetic products
in the Early Permian siliciclastics of the Faraghan Formation,
Southern Zagros, Iran
S. M. Zamanzadeh (University of Tehran, Iran), A. Amini and M. R. Kamali view abstract

The influence of cementation on the reservoir quality of the
Risha Sandstone Member (Upper Ordovician), Risha gasfield,
NE Jordan
M. Y. Tamar-Agha (University of Baghdad, Iraq) view abstract

International Events

Cover: Cover image shows bitumen in a late fracture in a Lower Jurassic petroleum source rock from the Middle Atlas, Morocco. Cross-cutting relationships exist with early calcite-cemented veins (pink) and late Fe-calcite cemented veins (blue) that represent progressive burial. Bitumen-filled fractures formed during Eocene tectonic compression. Stained thin-section, matrix dolomite is unstained; fracture is abut 60 mm in width. See the related paper by Rachidi et al. (pp 111-128 of this issue)

Vol. 32, no. 1, January 2009

Journal of Petroleum Geology

Basin evolution of the Lurestan region in the Zagros fold-and-thrust belt, Iran
A. Farzipour-Saein (Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran), A. Yassaghi,
S. Sherkati and H. Koyi view abstract

Integrated gravity and seismic investigation over the Jabal Hafit structure: Implications for basement configuration of the frontal fold-and-thrust belt of the Northern Oman Mountains
M. Y. Ali (The Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi), M. Sirat and J. Small view abstract

An integrated study of diagenesis and depositional facies in tidal sandstones: the Hawaz Formation (Middle Ordovician), Murzuq Basin, Libya
A. Abouessa (Libyan Petroleum Institute) and S. Morad view abstract

A fuzzy logic approach to estimating hydraulic flow units from well log data: A case study from the Ahwaz oilfield, South Iran
A. Kadkhodaie-Ilkhchi and A. Amini (University of Tehran) view abstract

Impact of diagenesis on reservoir-quality evolution in fluvial and lacustrine-deltaic sandstones: evidence from Jurassic and Triassic sandstones from the Ordos Basin, China
J. L. Luo (University of Xi'an, China), S. Morad, A. Salem, J. M. Ketzer,
X. L. Lei, D. Y. Guo and O. Hlal view abstract

Obituary: Robert Stoneley

International Events

Cover: Cover image shows two views of Jabal Hafit which towers some 1100 m above the oasis town of Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates. The upper photo from ground level encompasses the
28 km eastern flank of the mountain; the view from the top (main photo) shows an outcrop of the Lower Eocene Rus Formation with Al Ain in the background. Jabal Hafit is a doubly-plunging east-verging box fold formed during the late Miocene - Pliocene which lies along a thrust-front belt which includes several significant gas-condensate fields.
Photography by Mohammed Ali; merging and balancing of panorama view by James Small.
See the related paper by Ali et al. in this issue.

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