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Journal of Petroleum Geology April 2015
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Index of editorial contents, vols. 1 – 21, (1978 – 1998)

Vol. 1, No. 1, July 1978
• Mesozoic sequence in SW Iran and adjacent areas, by A.Setudehnia
Fracture analysis in the determination of sub-unconformity structure: a photo-geological study, by J.W.Norman and T.C.Partridge
• Structural development in the northern North Sea, by J.T.C.Hay
• Permian to Tertiary faunas and paleogeography: Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Madagascar, South Africa, by M.Kamen-Kaye
• Tectonic control of offshore sedimentary basins to the north and west of Ireland, by M.D.Max

Vol. 1, No. 2, October 1978
• Source rocks and the origin of natural gas in the Far East, by H.R.Grunau and U.Gruner
• Permian and Triassic stratigraphy, Zagros Basin, SW Iran, by F.Szabo and A.Kheradpir
• Early diagenesis and the preservation of porosity in Jurassic limestones, by B.H.Purser
• Future hydrocarbon exploration on continental margins and plate tectonics, by J.-C.Pratsch
• Petroleum in Tibet and the India-Asia Suture(?) Zone, by A.A.Meyerhoff

Vol. 1, No. 3, January 1979
• Terrestrial sources of carbon and earthquake outgassing, by T.Gold
Natural gas in the Arctic Islands: discovered reserves and future potential, by D.C.Waylett
• Segmentation of island arcs and application to petroleum geology, by T.S.M.Ranneft
• Diagenetically formed interstitial clay minerals as a factor in Rotliegend Sandstone reservoir quality in the North Sea, by U.Seemann
• Use of foreland monitors in the correlation and analysis of orogenic pulses, by H.H.Wilson
• Spherical harmonic deformation, by A.Challinor

Vol. 1, No. 4, April 1979
• Comparative petroleum geology of SE Turkey and NE Syria, by M.A.Ala and B.J.Moss
• Flood basalts: implications for global-tectonic hypotheses and petroleum exploration, by M.Kamen-Kaye and A.A.Meyerhoff
• Organic matter as an indicator of the degree of metamorphism of the Carboniferous rocks in the South Wales coalfields, by W.D.Gill, F.I.Khalaf and M.S.Massoud
• The geology of the area between Wadi Wardan and Wadi Gharandal, East Clysmic Rift, Sinai, Egypt, by C.E.Thiebaud and D.A.Robson
• Outlook for mineral raw materials, by H.A.Meyerhoff

Vol. 2, No. 1, July 1979
• The myth of a vast oceanic Tethys, the India-Asia problem and Earth expansion, by A.R.Crawford
• The genesis of the Zohar gas as deduced from its chemical and carbon isotope composition, by O.Amit and A.Bein
• Exploration geology of NW Africa-Seychelles Basin, by M.Kamen-Kaye and S.U.Barnes
• The provenance and distribution of the Palaeocene sands of the Central North Sea, by A.C.Morton
• A recorrelation of Miocene formations in the Dominican Republic, by J.M.Dorreen
• Petroleum exploration in the Paleozic clastics of the Middle Amazon Basin, Brazil, by A.V.Carozzi
• The geology and hydrocarbon habitat of the Bristol Channel Basin, by P.Kamerling

Vol. 2, No. 2, October 1979
• The emergent Hormuz salt plugs of southern Iran, by P.E.Kent
• Relationship of facies and reservoir quality in Rotliegendes desert sandstones, southern North Sea region, by P.J.C.Nagtegaal
• Regional structural elements in NW Germany, by J.-C.Pratsch
• Shifting depositional axes of Iraq: an outline of geosynclinal history, by M.W.Ibrahim
• Episodes of source-sediment deposition (1), by F.K.North

Vol. 2, No. 3, January 1980
• Non-marine setting of petroleum in the Sungliao Basin of NE China, by Chin Chen
• On the theory of growth faulting: a geomechanical delta model based on gravity sliding, by W.Crans, G.Mandl and J.Haremboure
• Darwin's Navidad embayment, Santiago region, Chile, as a model of the SE Pacific Shelf, by G. Cecioni
• Episodes of source-sediment deposition (2), by F.K.North

Vol. 2, No. 4, April 1980
• Utilization and documentation of vertical oil migration in deep basins, by L. C.Price
• Tectonic control and petroleum geology of the Paleozoic clastics of the Maranhao Basin, Brazil, by A. V. Carozzi
• Time, temperature and organic maturation - the evolution of rank within a sedimentary pile, by N.J.R.Wright
• Some Holocene geomorphological and sedimentological observations from Oman and their paleogeological implications, by Z.R.Beydoun
• The evolution of the Dead Sea floating asphalt blocks: simulation by pyrolysis, by A.Bein and O.Amit
• The density separation of different maceral groups of organic matter dispersed in sedimentary rocks, by R.R.F.Kinghorn and M.Rahman

Vol. 3, No. 1, July 1980
• Petroleum geology of northern Central America, by W.F.Bishop
• Organic geochemistry and source rock characteristics of the Zagros petroleum province, SW Iran, by M.Ala, R.R.F.Kinghorn and M.Rahman
Shelf and shallow basin oil as related to hot-deep origin of petroleum, by L.C. Price

Vol. 3, No. 2, October 1980
• Petroleum geology of the Mascarene Ridge, western Indian Ocean,by M.Kamen-Kaye and A.A.Meyerhoff
• Geology of the Musandam Peninsula (Sultanate of Oman) and its surroundings, by R.Ricateau and P.H.Riche
• Quaternary turbidites in a neritic environment: well CNR VE 1, Venice, Italy, by V.Favero and R. Passega
• Comparison of porosity-depth relationships of shale and sandstone, by K.Magara
• Petroleum basins - classifications and characteristics, by H.D.Klemme
• On the theory of growth faulting - II(a): genesis of the "unit", by W.Crans and G.Mandl
• Musings on migration, by G.D.Hobson

Vol. 3, No. 3, January 1981
• Great carbonate bank of Yucatan, southern Mexico, by F.Viniegra-O.
• Impact craters: implications for basement hydrocarbon production, by R.Donofrio
• Some open questions relating to the petroleum prospects of the Lebanon, by Z.R.Beydoun
• Probable gas hydrate in continental slope east of North Island, New Zealand, by H-R.Katz
• Possible primary migration of oil globules, by K. Magara
• On the theory of growth faulting - II(b): genesis of the "unit" (continued), by W.Crans and G.Mandl

Vol. 3, No. 4, April 1981
• Exploration prospects and future petroleum potential of the Canadian Arctic Islands, by F.G.Rayner
• The structure of a monocline in the Syrian Arc system, Middle East - surface and subsurface analysis, by Z.Reches, D.F. Hoexter and F.Hirsch
• Oil and gas occurrences on the East European Platform as related to its tectonic history, by S.P.Maximov
• Cool shallow origin of petroleum - microbial genesis and subsequent degradation, by Zhang Yi Gang
• On the theory of growth faulting - II(c): genesis of the "unit" (continued), by W.Crans and G.Mandl

Vol. 4, No. 1, July 1981
• Porosity models and oil exploration of Ampa carbonates, Paleogene, Foz do Amazonas Basin, offshore NW Brazil, by A.V.Carozzi
• Petrology, provenance and depositional environments of the reservoir sandstones of Ossu-Izombe oilfield, Imo State, Nigeria, by O.A.Adedokun
• An oil migration and re-entrapment model for the Mardin Group reservoirs of SE Anatolia, by L.T.Erdogan and A.Akgul
• The geology of the Asl oilfield, Western Sinai, Egypt, by C.E.Thiebaud and D.A.Robson
• Primary petroleum migration by molecular solution: consideration of new data, by L.C.Price
• Origin of light hydrocarbons in carbonate oolites, by J.Ferguson and A.C.Ibe

Vol. 4, No. 2, October 1981
• The petroleum potential of Australia, by P.R.Evans
Lithostratigraphy and subsurface geology of the Albian rocks of South Iraq, by M.W.Ibrahim
• A further geologic study on the Triassic formations of North-Central Algeria, with special emphasis on halokinesis, by F.A.Assaad
• Hydrodynamics - does it trap oil? by K.Magara
• Experimentally-based arguments supporting large crustal accumulations of non-biogenic petroleum, by A.A.Giardini and C.E.Melton
• A note on the simulation of the early diagenesis of recent carbonate ooids, by J.Ferguson, P.R.Bush and B.A.Clarke
• Aqueous solubility of crude oil to 400oC and 2,000 bars pressure in the presence of gas, by L.C.Price

Vol. 4, No. 3, January 1982
• Crude oil and natural gas in the Federal Republic of Germany: developments and prospects, by W.Schott
• Some aspects of the occurrence of proto-kerogen in recent ooids, by J.Ferguson and A.C.Ibe
• Relationship between diagenesis and pore fluid chemistry in Niger Delta oil-bearing sands, by D.O.Lambert-Aikhionbare
• Lithofacies distribution of Permian-Triassic rocks in the Middle East, by F.A.Sharief
• The Jurassic-Cretaceous boundary in the subsurface of Eastern Mexico, by A.Cantu-Chapa
• A possibly extensive crustal failure system of economic interest, by S.O.Al Khatieb and J.W.Norman
• Geologic map of the Southern Hemisphere, by R.A.Mills

Vol. 4, No. 4, April 1982
• Crude oil and natural gas in Canada: development and prospects, by H.H.Teitz and F.G.Young
• Hydrocarbon potential of the Eastern Alborz Region, NE Iran, by F.K.Rad
• Low-rank sequences and scales of organic metamorphism, by R.P.Suggate
• Relationship between the ages of shields, dips of adjacent sedimentary basements, and occurrences of oils and gas, by J. J. W.Rogers
• Estimation of irreducible water saturation and effective pore size of mudstones, by H.Honda and K.Magara
• Evidence that stable carbon isotopes are not a reliable criterion for distinguishing biogenic from non-biogenic petroleum, by A.A.Giardini and C.E.Melton

Vol. 5, No. 1, July 1982
• Mozambique-Madagascar Geosyncline I: deposition and architecture, by M.Kamen-Kaye
• The recent (Miocene-Quaternary) regmatic system of the Western Mediterranean Basin, by M.Boccaletti, C.Conadera, P.Dainelli and P.Gocev
• Facies distribution and petroleum geology of the Bombay Offshore Basin, India, by D.N.Basu, A.Banerjee and D.M.Tamhane
• Sedimentological evolution and natural radioactivity of Tertiary sediments from the Central North Sea, by S.Berstad and H.Dypvik
• Petroleum potential of New Zealand, by P.R.Evans

Vol. 5, No. 2, October 1982
• A reassessment of the range of kerogen maturities in which hydrocarbons are generated, by J.D.Saxby
• Sedimentology of the Brae oilfield, North Sea: fan models and controls, by D.A.V.Stow, C.D.Bishop and S.J.Mills
• The Pangaean paradox: where is it? by A.R.Crawford
• Guri limestone, a new hydrocarbon reservoir in South Iran, by M.S.Kashfi
• The nature of the upper 400 km of the Earth and its potential as a source for non-biogenic petroleum, by A.A.Giardini, C.E.Melton and R.S.Mitchell
• Lower Cretaceous lithostratigraphy NE of the Sole Pit area in the UK southern North Sea, by S.Crittenden
• Lithofacies distribution of the Permian-Triassic rocks in the Middle East: Reply, by F.A.Sharief

Vol. 5, No. 3, January 1983
• Gasfields, NW German Basin: secondary gas migration as a major geological parameter, by J.-C.Pratsch
• The petrology of the Middle Jurassic sandstones from the Murchison field, North Sea, by A.C.Morton and B.Humphreys
• Petrography and geochemistry of some Jordanian oil shales from North Jordan, by A.M.Abed and B.S.Amireh
• Petroleum prospects of Cretaceous sediments of the Cambay Basin, Gujarat, India, by M.K.Mukherjee
• Mozambique-Madagascar Geosyncline II: petroleum geology, by M.Kamen -Kaye
• Development of methods for the quantitative evaluation of petroleum potential in the USSR, by S.P.Maximov and S.A.Vinnikovski
• A proposed gas pool in the Pleistocene Bosumtwi impact crater, Ghana, by W.B.Jones

Vol. 5, No. 4, April 1983
• The many origins of natural gas, by G.J.MacDonald
• Gas evolution and change of oil composition during steam flooding, by M.Akstinat
• The analysis of C-H-O data in kerogen studies using a coefficient of elimination, by J.Ferguson
• Earth outgassing and carbonate facies development vis-a-vis Mesozoic carbonates of Himalaya, by M.I.Bhat
• Natural radioactivity of clastic sediments and the contribution of U,Th and K, by H.Dypvik and D.O.Eriksen
• Physical constraints of faulting in a geopressured sedimentary basin, by K.Magara
• Interior cavities and exterior surface texture of detrital quartz of some Egyptian clastic sediments, by M.M.Kholief

Vol. 6, No. 1, July 1983
• Geologic time as a parameter in organic metamorphism and vitrinite reflectance as an absolute paleogeothermometer, by L.C.Price
• Abundance of source rocks for oil and gas worldwide, by H.R.Grunau
• Organic matter content in carbonate sediments in relation to petroleum occurrence, by A.C.Ibe, J.Ferguson, R.R.F.Kinghorn and M.Rahman
• Some contemporary problems of petroleum geology in Kuwait: a Middle East example, by M.W.Ibrahim
• An approach to "halokinematics" and interplate tectonics (North-Central Algeria), by F.A.Assaad
• Chanco Formation, a potential Cretaceous reservoir, central Chile, by G.Cecioni
• Permian and Triassic geological history and tectonics of the Middle East, by F.A.Sharief
• Sedimentology of the Brae oilfield area, North Sea: a reply, by D.A.V.Stow

Vol. 6, No. 2, October 1983
• A scientific explanation for the origin and location of petroleum accumulations, by A.A.Giardini and C.E.Melton
• Geology and entrapment history of the Portachuelo Salina pool, Talara Basin, Peru, by H.Hay-Roe, J.F.Zuniga and A.Montoya
• Formational water characteristics as an indicator for the process of oil migration and accumulation at the Ain Zala field, northern Iraq, by M H. Elzarka and W. A. M. Ahmed
• Specific gravity as a kerogen type and maturation indicator with special reference to amorphous kerogens, by R.R.F.Kinghorn and M.Rahman
• Variations in tectonic styles in the Zagros geosyncline and their relation to the diapirism of salt in southern Iran, by M. S. Kashfi
• Petroleum geochemistry of Late Cretaceous and Early Tertiary shales penetrated by the Akukwa-2 well in the Anambra basin, southern Nigeria, by C.M.Ekweozor and J.G.Gormly
• Evidence for in situ generation of methane in carbonate ooids, by J.Ferguson

Vol. 7, No. 1, January 1984
• Subsidence, sedimentation and petroleum systems, by A.Perrodon and P.Masse
• Reservoir geology and its role in the development of the L-III reservoir, Bombay High field, India, by L.L.Bhandari and S.K.Jain
• Source-bed analysis of two Karroo Basins of coastal Tanzania, by T.Kreuser
• The subsurface geology of the Meer area in North Belgium and its significance for the occurrence of hydrocarbons, by N.Vandenberghe
• Sedimentary facies variation and hydrocarbon reservoirs in continental sediments - a predictive model, by G.A.Blackbourn
• Geothermal gradients and geothermal oil generation in Southern Iraq: a preliminary investigation, by M.W.Ibrahim
• Evidence for vertical movements in the southern part of the Zagros geosyncline, Iran, by M.S.Kashfi
• Water sensitivity and migration of fines in the Hopeman sandstone, by A.Lever and R.A.Dawe
• A problem with estimating the pseudo-activation energy of kerogen thermal maturation from Connan's time-temperature relation in oil genesis, by C.E.Barker

Vol. 7, No. 2, April 1984
• Carboniferous oil and gas generation in the Eastern Hemisphere - I, by A.A.Meyerhoff
• Discovery of a vertebrate fauna at the Devonian-Carboniferous boundary in SE Turkey, by Ph.Janvier, F.Lethiers, O.Monod and O.Balkas
• Sedimentological and paleontological analyses of Jurassic North Sea deposits from deltaic environments, by J.Nagy, H.Dypvik and T.Bjaerke
• Effects of epidiagenesis on reservoir rock characteristics beneath concealed unconformities in England and the Western Desert, by M.B.Al-Gailani and M.A.Ala
• The hydrocarbon exploration of the basins of the Red Sea, Antarctica, from modelling of the geophysical data, by R.A.Cook and F.J.Davey
• A rift-related stratigraphic trap, by N.Fagerland

Vol. 7, No. 3, July 1984
• The role of organic matter in the early diagenesis of carbonate ooids - an experimental study, by J.Ferguson, P.R.Bush and B.A.Clarke
• In situ formation of petroleum in ooids - I, by A.C.Ibe
• The application of facies parameters and mapping techniques to exploration of the subsurface Lower Cretaceous of the Qattara
• Depression, Western Desert, Egypt, by M. H. Elzarka
• Petroleum formation and the thermal history of the Earth's surface, by C.E.Melton and A.A.Giardini
• Carboniferous oil and gas generation in the Eastern Hemisphere - II, by A. A. Meyerhoff
• Tectonic conditions for oil and gas generation and distribution on ancient platforms, by S.P.Maximov, A.N.Zolotov and M.I.Lodzhevskaya
• Evolution of the southern passage margin of the Himalayan Tethys model implications and constraints, Part I, by M.I.Bhat

Vol. 7, No. 4, October 1984
• Fission-track dating of an apatite crystal from Hormuz Island, Iran, by A.J.Hurford, H.R.Grunau and J.Stocklin
• Migration in fracture networks: an alternative interpretation of the supply of the "giant" tar accumulation in Alberta, Canada -- I, by J.du Rouchet
• The SE Africa triple junction, by G.Flores
• Source bed study of the OligoMiocene Asmari limestone in SW Iran, by M.S.Kashfi
• Evolution of the southern passive margin of the Himalayan Tethys: model implications and constraints, Part II, by M.I.Bhat
• The Japan Basin - a tectonic trough, by D.R.Choi
• Sequential development of the Hanifa formation (Upper Jurassic) paleoenvironments and paleogeography, Central Saudi Arabia, by M.A.Moshrif
• Orienting conventional cores for geological purposes: a review of methods, by I.Davison and S.R.Haszeldine

Vol. 8, No. 1, January 1985
• Geology and exploration of the Takutu graben of Guyana and Brazil, by F.D.Crawford, C.E.Szelewski and G.D.Alvey
• Lagoa Feia formation (Lower Cretaceous), Campos Basin, offshore Brazil: rift valley stage lacustrine carbonate reservoirs, Part I, by R.T.Bertani and A.V.Carozzi
• Suppression of vitrinite reflectance in amorphous rich kerogen - a major unrecognised problem, by L.C.Price and C.E.Barker
• A new classification for the organic components of kerogen,by M.S.Massoud and R.R.F.Kinghorn
• The origin and migration paths of hydrocarbons accumulated in the Lower Cretaceous sandstone "giant" tar accumulation of Alberta, Part II, by J.du Rouchet
• Comments on "The thermal history of the Earth's surface", by C.E.Melton and A.A.Giardini

Vol. 8, No. 2, April 1985
• Oil and gas accumulation in overthrust belts - I, by J.-C.Pratsch
• The diagenesis of reservoir sands of the Zubair formation (Early Cretaceous), Northern Kuwait, Arabian Gulf, by F.I.Khalaf, I.M.Gharib and A.Mukhopadhyay
• Sedimentation, sea-level rise and tectonics at the Triassic-Jurassic boundary (Statfjord Formation), Tampen Spur, Northern North Sea, by S.L.Roe and R.Steel
• Deposition environments and source rock potential of the Jurassic Kidod shales, Israel, by A. Bein and R. Binstock
• Lagoa Feia formation (Lower Cretaceous) Campos Basin, offshore Brazil: rift valley lacustrine carbonate reservoirs, Part II, by R.T.Bertani and A.V.Carozzi
• A graphical method for studying models of oil generation, by W.H.Burke and D.U.von Rosenberg
• Geologic time as a parameter in organic metamorphism and vitrinite reflectance as an absolute paleogeothermometer: Discussion, by J. Kohsmann
Reply, by L.C.Price

Vol. 8, No. 3, July 1985
• Evaporites as source rocks of oil and gas, by P.Sonnenfeld
Jurassic foraminiferal facies in the Statfjord area, Northern North Sea - I, by J. Nagy
• Oil and gas accumulations in overthrust belts, Part II, by J.-C. Pratsch
• Mesozoic columns below the Seychelles bank, by M.Kamen-Kaye
• In-situ formation of petroleum in oolites - II: a case study of the Arab Formation oolite reservoirs, by A.C.Ibe
• The Transcontinental Arch and its relation to the Colorado oil and mineral belt, by S. M.Billo
• Pre-Zagros integrity of the Iranian Platform, M. S.Kashfi

Vol. 8, No. 4, October 1985
• Plate tectonics with fixed continents: a testable hypothesis: Part I, by P.D.Lowman Jr.
• Jurassic foraminiferal facies in the Statfjord area, Northern North Sea - II, by J. Nagy
• Concepts on the generation and accumulation of biogenic gas, by Zhang Yi Gang and Chen Huan Jiang
• vIs there a Chicontepec paleocanyon in the Paleogene of Eastern Mexico? by A.Cantu-Chapa
• Kerogen facies in the major Jurassic mudrock formations of southern England and the implications for the depositional environments of their precursors, by E.J.Ebukanson and R.R.F.Kinghorn
• Permian beach in the Zechstein dolomites of Western Poland: influence on reservoirs, by T.M.Peryt
• Migration in fracture networks: an alternative explanation of the supply of the "giant" tar accumulation in Alberta, Canada: Discussion, by W.C.Gussow
• Map of the European Gasfields: A Review, by W.Schott

Vol. 9, No. 1, January 1986
• The petroleum resources of the Middle East: a review, by Z.R.Beydoun
• Some consequences of faulting in the presence of a salt-rock interval, by M.K.Jenyon
• Patterns of hydrocarbon occurrences in the Viking Formation, Alberta, Canada, by L.C.Amajor
• Plate tectonics with fixed continents Part II, by P.D.Lowman Jr.
• Hydrodynamic framework of the petroleum reservoirs and cap-rocks of the Mesopotamian basin of Iraq, by A.Al-Mashadani
• A new classification for the organic components of kerogen: Discussion, by P.Mukhopadhyay

Vol. 9, No. 2, April 1986
• Organic metamorphism in the Lower Mississippian-Upper Devonian Bakken Shales - I, Rock-Eval pyrolysis and vitrinite reflectance, by L.C.Price, T.Daws and M.Pawlewicz
• Morphostructural analysis as an aid to the hydrocarbon exploration of the Amazonas Basin, Brazil, by Miranda and M.P.P.da Boa Hora
• Some appearances and causes of lineaments as seen on LANDSAT images, by G.C.Onyedim and J.W.Norman
• Litho- and microfacies of Upper Jurassic carbonate rocks outcropping in Central Saudi Arabia, by S.M.Okla
• The evolution of ocean basins during Cenozoic time, by V.V.Orlenok
• New evidence for a petroleum source rock in a Miocene evaporite sequence, Gulf of Suez, Egypt, by M.M.Kholief and M.A.Barakat
• A new classification for the organic components of kerogen: Reply, by M.S.Massoud and R.R.F.Kinghorn

Vol. 9, No. 3, July 1986
• The role of geothermal gradients in hydrocarbon exploration in Pakistan, by M.A.Khan and H.A.Raza
• Maturity of organic matter in the Jurassic of southern England and its relation to the burial history of the sediments, by J.Ebukanson and R.R.F.Kinghorn
• A Jurassic delta in the Easten Alborz, NE Iran, by F.K.Rad
• Subsurface geology of the Miocene Gharandal group of the South Bakr oilfield, Gulf of Suez, Egypt, by M.H.Elzarka and M.M.Wally
• Metamorphism in the Lower Devonian--Upper Mississipian Bakken shales, II: Soxhlet extraction, by L.C.Price, T.Ging, A.Love and D.Anders
• Mechanically-induced stylolites and loss of porosity in dolomites, by C.J.R.Braithwaite
• Comments on "Plate-tectonics with fixed continents: a testable hypothesis", by P.W.Schmidt and B.J.J.Embleton
• Reply, by P.D.Lowman Jr.

Vol. 9, No. 4, October 1986
• A review of the Cretaceous formations in the Arabian Peninsula and Gulf - I: Lower Cretaceous (Thamama Group) stratigraphy and paleogeography, by A.S.Alsharhan and A.E.M.Nairn
• The distribution of major oil and gas reserves in regional basin structures - an example from the Powder River Basin, Wyoming, USA, by J.-C.Pratsch
• Oil and gas accumulations and their possible sources in Southern England, by E.J.Ebukanson and R.R.F.Kinghorn
Petrographical and geochemical studies of Cretaceous carbonate rocks, Ain Zalah oilfield, North Iraq, by W.A.Ahmed, M.Elzarka and M.Al-Dabbas
• The expulsion criterion in the evaluation of the petroleum source beds of the Tertiary Niger Delta, by J.E.Ejedawe
• The framework of Chinese petroliferous basins, by Chen Huanjiang, Sun Zaucai and Zhang Yuchang
• A tilted crustal block bounded by lineaments, shown by remote sensing, by S.O.Al Khatieb and J.W.Norman
• What will the deep drilling at Siljan, Sweden, prove? by A.K.Gibbs

Vol. 10, No. 1, January 1987
• Structural evolution of the Golden Lane, Tampico Embayment, Mexico, by H.H.Wilson
• The seismic expression of real and apparent buried topography, by M.K.Jenyon
• Three-phase development of the Porcupine Seabight: basin formation and the structurally-dependent sedimentary pattern, by M.D.Max
• Petrology and kinetics of gypsum-anhydrite transitions, by S.M.Billo
• Multiregression models for ranged estimates of the petroleum potential of sedimentary basins, by V.V.Resnick
• Mineralogical and geochemical studies of Tertiary sediments in the Eastern Niger Delta, and their relationship to petroleum occurrence, by M.I.Odigi

Vol. 10, No. 2, April 1987
Thematic issue: "The Orinoco Oil Belt, Venezuela"
• The Orinoco Oil Belt, Venezuela, by A.R.Martinez
• Geological synthesis of the Orinoco Oil Belt, Eastern Venezuela, by A.Isea
• Exploration results, Machete area, Orinoco Oil Belt, Venezuela, by G. Don Kiser
• Exploration and evaluation of the Zuata area, Orinoco Oil Belt, Venezuela, by A.Vega and I. de Rojas
• Reservoir geology of the Cerro Negro steam injection area, Orinoco Oil Belt, Venezuela, by A.Santos, C. and L.Frontado
• Superposition and the law of regularity in stratal order: keys to the practice and theory of global stratigraphy, by J.R.Patterson
• The Bejuco Paleocanyon (Cretaceous-Paleocene) in the Tampico District, Mexico, by A.Cantu Chapa
• Comparison of reflectance data from various macerals from sub-bituminous coals, by F.Goodarzi
• In-situ formation of petroleum in oolites - II: Discussion, by A.O.Wilson

Vol. 10, No. 3, July 1987
• A worldwide look at the cap-rock problem, by H.R.Grunau
• Stylolitic porosity in carbonates: a critical factor for deep hydrocarbon production, by A.V.Carozzi and D.Von Bergen
• Depositional environments and diagenesis of Albian carbonates on the Calabar Flank, SE Nigeria, by T.J.A.Reijers and S.W.Petters
• The physiographic features of the Miocene Ras Malaab Group basin, South Bakr oilfield, Gulf of Suez, Egypt, by M.H.Elzarka and M.M.Wally
• Palynological analyses in the study of fluid migration in the oil- and gasfields of Western Siberia, by A.M.Medveda and L.P.Klimushina
• Zonation of oil and gas in the Huanghua Basin, China, by Liang Fuhua
• Sedimentary history and paleogeography of Lower and Middle Jurassic rocks, Central Saudi Arabia, by M.A.Moshrif
• Plate tectonics with fixed continents: Comment, by B.D.Martin
• Plate tectonics with fixed continents: Reply, by P.D.Lowman, Jr.

Vol. 10, No. 4, October 1987
• Determination of paleoheat-flux from fission scar tracks in apatite, by T.L.Huntsberger and I.Lerche
• Helium-nitrogen-methane systematics in natural gases of Texas and Kansas, by T.Gold and M.Held
• The "Albian transgression" in the southern North Sea, by S.Crittenden
• Continental crust under the NW Pacific Ocean, by D.R.Choi
• A model to explain the Earth's magnetic field and other geodynamic phenomena, by C.E.Melton and A.A.Giardini
• Dispersed sedimentary organic matter in Coal Measure horizons, East Midlands, UK, by J.Dobson and R.R.F.Kinghorn

Vol. 11, No. 1, January 1988
Thematic issue "Sultanate of Oman: rock units and crude oils"
• Stratigraphy and rock-unit nomenclature in the oil-producing area of Interior Oman, by M.W.Hughes Clarke
• Origin of crude oils in Oman, by P.J.Grantham, G.W.M.Lijmbach, J.Posthuma, M.W.Hughes Clarke and R.J.Willink
• Evidence of Permo-Carboniferous glaciation in the basal Murbat Sandstone Formation, southern region, Sultanate of Oman, by H.A.Qidwai, M.I.Khalifa and K.A.Ba-mkhalif
• A review of the Cretaceous formations in the Arabian Peninsula and Gulf, II: Mid-Cretaceous (Wasia Group) stratigraphy and palaeogeography, by A.S.Alsharhan and A.E.M.Nairn

Vol. 11, No. 2, April 1988
• Hydrocarbon potential of the Upper Jurassic/Lower Cretaceous of the Australian NW Shelf, by R.A.Baird and R.P.Philp
• Environmental setting and diagenesis of Lower Permian palaeoaplysinid build-ups and associated sediments from Bjornoya: implications for the exploration of the Barents Sea, by A.Lonoy
• Folding of the Mesozoic cover in SW Somalia: a compressional episode related to the early stages of Indian Ocean evolution, by M.Boccaletti, P.Dainelli, A.Angelucci, M.A.Arush, M.M.Cabdulqaadir, P.Nafissi, G.Piccoli, and E.Robba
• Gas-prone source rocks from cratogene Karoo basins in Tanzania, by T.Kreuser, R.Schramedei and J.Rullkotter
• Late Cenozoic thermal gradients in Dead Sea transform system basins, by A.Bein and S.Feinstein
• Composite classification of fractured and brecciated carbonate rocks - examples from the Ordovician Ellenburger Group, West Texas, by B.T.Ijirigho and J.F.Schreiber,Jr.
• Thermal maturation history of the Sirte Basin, Libya, by Y.D.Gumati and S.Schamel
• The hydrocarbon potential and tectonics of Indochina, by M. Hayashi

Vol. 11, No. 3, July 1988
• Geology, geomorphology and petroleum possibilities of the El Godo area, Iquique, Chile, by G.Cecioni, A.A.Meyerhoff and H.H.Teitz
• The Jurassic facies in the Levant,by F.Hirsch and L.Picard
• Some deformation effects in a clastic overburden resulting from salt mobility, by M.K.Jenyon
• Thrust control on thermal maturity of the frontal Ouachita Mountains, Central Arkansas, USA, by M.B.Underwood, D.A.Fulton and K.W.McDonald
• Structural control of Neogene sedimentation in the Mae Sot Basin (Thai-Burmese border): implications for oil-shale reserves, by R.B.Stokes
• Zooplankton fecal pellets as a source of hydrocarbons in chalk, by M.T.Moussa

Vol. 11, No. 4, October 1988
• Surface and deep structural control of the NW Carboniferous Basin of Ireland: seismic perspectives of aeromagnetic and surface geological interpretation, by C.Price and M.D.Max
• Oil generation and migration within marine carbonate sequences - a review, by J.Ferguson
• The Pleshet Basin: a newly discovered link in the peripheral chain of basins of the Arabian Craton, by Z.Cohen, V.Kaptsan and A.Flexer
• Some problems in petroleum geochemistry, by W.Stannage
• Relationships between regional hydrogeology and hydrocarbon occurrences in Michigan, by R.Vugrinovich
• Evidence for non-collision geology in the Middle East, by M.S.Kashfi
• Potential hydrocarbon-generating rock units within the Phanerozoic sequence of the Ogaden Basin, Ethiopia: a preliminary assessment using the Lopatin model, by G.Assefa

Vol. 12, No. 1, January 1989
• A model that quantitatively explains geodynamics, by A.A.Giardini and C.E.Melton
• The Hezan units: a fragment of the south neo-Tethyan passive continental margin in SE Turkey, by J.M.Fontaine, O.Monod, J.Braud and D.Perincek
• Source-rock geochemistry and hydrocarbon generation in the Jeanne d'Arc Basin, Grand Banks, offshore Eastern Canada, by H.von der Dick, J.D.Meloche, J.Dwyer and P.Gunther
• La Pena Formation (Aptian): a condensed limestone - shale sequence from the subsurface of NE Mexico, by A.Cantu Chapa
• Chronostratigraphy and hydrocarbon prospects of the Sakaka Formation, northern Arabia, by F.A.Sharief and M.A.Moshrif
Composition of kerogen maturation and illite/smectite composition in diagenesis, by B.Velde and J.Espitalie
Some comments on palaeotemperature estimation from apatite fission-track analysis, by P.F.Green and I.R.Duddy
Reply, by I.Lerche

Vol. 12, No. 2, April 1989
Thematic issue: "The Red Sea - Gulf of Aden, I"
• Hydrocarbon prospects of the Red Sea - Gulf of Aden; a review, by Z.R.Beydoun
• The Sudanese Red Sea - I: New developments in stratigraphy and petroleum-geological evolution, by M.A.G.Bunter and A.E.M.Abdel-Magid
• The Sudanese Red Sea - II: New developments in petroleum geochemistry, by M.A.G.Bunter and A.E.M.Abdel-Magid
• Petroleum exploration in the Ethiopian Red Sea, by E.Savoyat, A.Shiferaw and T.Balcha
• Mozambique: a new geological framework for hydrocarbons exploration, by P.W.Coster, S.R.Lawrence and G.Fortes
• Prospects for petroleum in Late Proterozoic/Early Palaeozoic basins of southern central Africa, by S.R.Lawrence

Vol. 12, No. 3, July 1989
• The petroleum geology of the United Arab Emirates, by A.S.Alsharhan
• Primary petroleum migration from shales with oxygen-rich organic matter, by L.C.Price
• Geohistory, thermal history, and hydrocarbon generation history of the Navarin Basin COST No.1 Well, Baring Sea, Alaska, by S.Cao and I.Lerche
• The geology of the Nafoora oilfield, Sirte Basin, Libya, by H.S.Belazi

Vol. 12, No. 4, October 1989
• Fault-block tectonism in the Devonian subsurface, Western Canada Basin, by R.G.Greggs and D.H.Greggs
• Downthrown traps of the NW Witch Ground Graben, UK North Sea, by A.D.Hindle
• Mesozoic - Paleogene basin development within the Eastern Mediterranean borderland, by N.Abu-Jaber, M.Kimberley and V.Cavaroc
• Isostatic balance during sediment loading and unloading in continental margins, by K.Magara
• Depositional history of the reservoir sandstones, Akpor and Apara oilfields, Eastern Niger Delta, Nigeria, by L.C.Amajor and D.W.Agbaire
• Alum shale bitumen maturation and migration: implications for Gotland's oil, by J.Dahl, R.T.Chen and I.R.Kaplan
• Plastic flow and contraflow in superposed Zechstein salt sequences, by M.K.Jenyon

Vol. 13, No. 1, January 1990
Thematic issue: "Developments in the Petroleum Geology of P.R. China"
• Recent advances in the petroleum geology of China, by Li Desheng
• The formation and distribution of Mesozoic-Cenozoic basins in China, by Tian Zaiyi
• Structure and hydrocarbon potential of the Tarim Basin (NW China) from satellite imagery, by T.Nishidai and J.L.Berry
• The genesis of the South China Sea and its hydrocarbon-bearing basins, by Liang Dehua and Liu Zonghui
• Prospective petroliferous areas in the East China Sea Basin, by Wang Guochen
• Ordovician gas accumulations in eastern China, by Dai Jinxing and Xia Yinghe
• A numerical kerogen-type index, by Li Taiming and Lu Shanfan
• The Chaidam Basin, NW China: formation and hydrocarbon potential, by Wang Qinmin and M.P.Coward

Vol. 13, No. 2, April 1990
• The case for early generation and accumulation of oil, by H.H.Wilson
• Petroleum at the Roof of the World: The geological evolution of the Tibet (Qinghai-Xizang) Plateau,I, by I.Taner and A.A.Meyerhoff
• Experimentally-simulated stylolitic porosity in carbonate rocks, by D. Von Bergen and A.V.Carozzi
• Diagenesis of the Talisman-1 reservoir sequence, Dampier Sub-Basin, Western Australia, by G.K.Ellis
• The Gulf of Aden Rift: Hydrocarbon potential of the Arabian Sector, by F.M.S.Haitham and A.S.O.Nani
• Jurassic mudrock formations in Southern England: lithology, sedimentation rates and organic carbon content, by E.J.Ebukanson and R.R.F.Kinghorn
• Relative motions in geology: some philosophical differences, by J.-C.Pratsch

Vol. 13, No. 3, July 1990
• A review of the Cretaceous formations in the Arabian Peninsula and Gulf, III: Upper Cretaceous (Aruma Group) stratigraphy and paleogeography, by A.S.Alsharhan and A.E.M.Nairn
• The Cambro-Ordovician Arabian and adjoining plates: a glacio-eustatic model, by M.I.Husseini
• Petroleum at the Roof of the World: The geological evolution of the Tibet (Qinghai-Xizang) Plateau, II, by I.Taner and A.A.Meyerhoff
• The Viking (Albian) reservoir sandstones of central and south-central Alberta, Canada - I: Geometry and depositional history, by L.C.Amajor and J.F.Lerbekmo
• The Neogene-Quaternary section in the Nile Delta, Egypt: geology and hydrocarbon potential, by R. Abu El-Ella
• Saline deposits and alkaline magmatism: a genetic model, by M.Momenzadeh

Vol. 13, No. 4, October 1990
• The sedimentology of the Brent Group in the Cormorant Block IV oilfield, by S.E.Livera and B.Caline
• The Jurassic system in Northern Egypt - I:
Regional stratigraphy and implications for hydrocarbon prospectivity, by M.L.Keeley, G.Dungworth, C.S.Floyd, G.A.Forbes, C.King, R.M.McGarva and D.Shaw
• The Viking (Albian) reservoir sandstones of central and south-central Alberta, Canada - II: Lithofacies analysis, depositional environments and paleogeographic setting, by L.C.Amajor and J.F.Lerbekmo
• The tectonic mosaic of the Southern Levant: Implications for hydrocarbon prospects, by Z.Cohen, V.Kaptsan and A.Flexer
• The Akam oilfield, Niger Delta: Geochemical studies of Tertiary shales, by M.I.Odigi

Vol.14, No. 1, January 1991
• Petroleum geology of the Makran region: implications for hydrocarbon occurrence in cool basins, by M.A.Khan, H.A.Raza and S.Alam
• Pollen translucency as a thermal maturation indicator, by I.Lerche and T.McKenna
• Computer simulation of primary oil migration in Kuwait, by I.Ozkaya
• The Jurassic system in Northern Egypt - II: Depositional and tectonic regimes, by M.L.Keeley
• Hydrocarbon potential of Northern Ireland - I: Burial histories and source-rock potential, by J.Parnell
• The Marda Fault: a remnant of an incipient aborted rift in the Paleo-African Arabian Plate, by M.Boccaletti, A.Getaneh and F.F.Bonavia
• Tectonic subsidence of the Sirte Basin, Libya, by Y.D.Gumati and A.E.M.Nairn

Supplement I
• Middle East hydrocarbon reserves enhancement 1975-1990: Significant developments and implications for potential future large increases, by Z.R.Beydoun
• Petroleum in New Zealand, by G.J.van der Lingen
• Surge tectonics - an update, by A.A.Meyerhoff and I.Taner
• The Ogaden Basin, Ethiopia: an underexplored sedimentary basin, by H.H.Teitz
• Field-size distribution - an exercise in doodling, by G.D.Hobson

Vol. 14, No. 2, April 1991
• Gravity overturns, extension, and basement fault activation, by H.Koyi
• Hydrocarbon potential of Northern Ireland - II: Reservoir potential of the Carboniferous, by J.Parnell
• Fluid migration along growth faults in compacting sediments, by E.C.D.Hooper
• Hydrocarbon accumulations on the Dead Sea Graben: a simulation approach, by C.Braester, H.Fligelman and E.Kashai
• Tectonic evolution and hydrocarbon migration in the Huanghua Basin, NE China, by Chen Fajing and Zhang Shulin
• The Niger Delta Complex Basin: Stratigraphy, structure and hydrocarbon potential, by G.A.Chukwu
• The organic geochemistry of hydrocarbon gases in fluorites from Northern England, by J.Ferguson

Vol. 14, No. 3, July 1991
Thematic issue: "Caribbean Petroleum Potential"
• Geologic rationale for hydrocarbon exploration in the Caribbean region, by J.L.Pindell
• Oil and gas exploration in Cuba, by J.R.Sanchez-Arango et al.
• Sedimentary basins of the NE Caribbean Plate Boundary Zone and their petroleum potential, by D.K.Larue and A.J.Warner
Petroleum potential of Southern Hispaniola, by P.Mann and S.R.Lawrence
• Organic geochemistry and petroleum potential of Jamaica, by K.Rodrigues
• Geologic and hydrocarbon evolution of Barbados, by R.C.Speed, L.H.Barker and P.L.B.Payne
• Exploration potential of Trinidad and Tobago, by G.Rohr

Vol. 14, No. 4, October 1991
• Oil source-rock potential of the lacustrine Jurassic Sim Uuju Formation, West Korea Basin,I:
• Oil source-rock correlation, by M.S.Massoud et al.
• The Early to "middle" Cretaceous lithostratigraphy of the Central North Sea (UK sector), by S.Crittenden, J.Cole and C.Harlow
• Alpine geowarpings in the Zagros-Taurus Range: influence on hydrocarbon migration and accumulation, by M.S.Ameen
• Vertical hydrocarbon migration: a major exploration parameter, by J.-C.Pratsch
• An isolated carbonate bank in the Zechstein Main Dolomite Basin, western Poland, by T.Peryt and K.Dyjaczynski
• Organic geochemistry of the Goynuk and Seyitomer oil shales of Turkey, by E.Putun et al.

Supplement II
• The teaching of petroleum geology in the UK and Ireland - I: England, by G.D.Hobson
• The Takutu Graben, Republic of Guyana: a Mesozoic rift basin, by H.H.Teitz
• Alternatives to halokinesis in salt diapirism, by M.K.Jenyon

Vol. 15, No. 1, January 1992
• The Tarim Basin, NW China; formation and aspects of petroleum geology, by Wang Qinmin, T. Nishidai and M. P. Coward
• Palaeozoic tectonic history of SE Turkey, by J. M. L. Cater and I. P. Tunbridge
• Hydrocarbon potential of Northern Ireland, II; Reservoir potential of the Permo-Triassic, by J. Parnell
• Efficiency of hydrocarbon concentration in major petroliferous basins, by K. Magara
• Organic geochemistry and hydrocarbon potential of Neogene sedimentary rocks in Hungary, by M. Hetenyi
• Lower Cretaceous palynology and sandstone distribution in the Scapa field, UK North Sea, by L. Riley, S. D, Harker and S. C. H. Green

Supplement III
• The teaching of petroleum geology in the UK and Ireland: Scotland, Wales and Ireland, by G. D. Hobson
• The history of petroleum geology and the Geneva naturalists (1790 - 1815), by A. V. Carozzi

Vol. 15, No. 2, April 1992
Thematic issue: "The Red Sea - Gulf of Aden, II"
• The Red Sea - Gulf of Aden: hydrocarbon evaluation of multinational sedimentary basins, by T. E. O'Connor
• Pull-apart evolution of the Red Sea, by J. Makris and C. H. Henke
• The Red Sea: biostratigraphy, lithostratigraphy and palaeoenvironments, by G. W. Hughes and Z. R. Beydoun
• The sedimentary evolution of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, by R. Crossley et al.
• Thermal maturity development and source-rock occurrence in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, by P. C. Barnard et al.
• Tectonostratigraphic framework and hydrocarbon potential of the Red Sea, by D. J. W. Mitchell et al.
• The tectonic framework and regional hydrocarbon prospectivity of the Gulf of Aden, by W. F. Bott et al.
• The Red Sea - Gulf of Aden: re-assessment of hydrocarbon potential (Abstract), by Z. R. Beydoun and A. H. Sikander

Vol. 15, No. 3, July 1992
• The Jurassic Huasteca Series in the subsurface of Poza Rica, Eastern Mexico, by A. Cantu-Chapa
• Stratigraphy and evolution of the Tertiary Aruba Basin, by E. A. Curet
• Lithostratigraphy of Tertiary oil-bearing bioherms in the Sirte Basin, Libya, by Y. D. Gumati
• Petroleum systems: models and applications, by A. Perrodon
• Pre-Cretaceous coalification in S. Israel: contribution to time-temperature coalification modelling, by S. Feinstein et al.
• Geochemical prospecting for oil and gasfields in the NE USSR (CIS), by V. E. Glotov
• "Gravity overturns, extension, and basement fault activation": Comments, by J. Hospers Reply, by H. Koyi
• The teaching of petroleum geology in Kuwait, by A. Al-Rifaiy

Vol. 15, No. 4, October 1992
• Thermal maturity and hydrocarbon generation in rocks from the sedimentary basins of Madagascar, by L. Ramanampisoa and M. Radke
Scales of permeability heterogeneity within the Brent Group, by J. A. Daws and D. J. Prosser
• The cause and mechanism of vitrinite reflectance anomalies, by Hao Fang and Chen Jianyu
• Potential petroleum source rocks in Triassic lacustrine-delta sediments of the Gunnedah Basin, Eastern Australia, by M. Smyth et al.
• Reservoirs in fractured basement on the continental shelf of Southern Vietnam, by O. A. Shnip et al.
• Geology of the Permian "super-giant" gas reservoirs in the Greater Persian Gulf area, by M. S. Kashfi
• Oilfield brines of meteoric and connate origin in the Eastern Niger Delta, by L. C. Amajor and A. M. Gbadebo

Vol. 16, no. 1, January 1993
• The Talara forearc basin, NW Peru: depositional models of Cenozoic oil-producing clastic systems, by A. V. Carozzi and J. R. Palomino
• Thermal maturity and source-rock potential of the sedimentary successions from the Drake field, Sverdrup Basin, Arctic Canada, by T. Gentzis and F. Goodarzi
• Diagenesis of non-marine petroleum reservoirs: the Neocomian (Lower Cretaceous) Shurjeh Formation, Kopet-Dagh Basin, NE Iran, by R. Moussavi-Harani and R. L. Brenner
• Coal rank and type variation in Rock-Eval assessment of New Zealand coals, by R. P. Suggate and J. P. Boudou
• Hydrocarbon potential of sandstone reservoirs in the Neogene East Slovakian Basin, part 1: Lithology, porosity and diagenesis, by J. K. Reed et al.
• Fault controlled hydrocarbon distribution in the Junggar Basin, NW China, by Yian Yugui

Vol. 16, no. 2, April 1993
• The age of salt in the Gulf of Mexico Basin, by H. H. Wilson
Samgori field, Republic of Georgia; critical review of island-arc oil and gas, by D. K. Patton
• The Jiuxi Basin, NW China; foreland structural features and hydrocarbon potential, by Wang Qinmin and M. P. Coward
• Depositional history of the E2.0 reservoir in the Kolo Creek field, Niger Delta, by F. E. Oboh
• Mineralogical studies on subsurface Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous sandstones from the Western Desert, Egypt, by M. Barakat et al.
• Hydrocarbon potential of sandstone reservoirs in the East Slovakian Basin, Part 2: zeolites and clay minerals, by J. K. Reed et al.

Vol. 16, no. 3, July 1993
• Petroleum potential of Cretaceous shales in the Upper Benue Trough, Nigeria, by J. O. Idowu and C. M. Ekweozor
• Oil source-rock potential of the Jurassic Sim Uuju Formation, West Korea Bay Basin, Part 2; nature of the organic matter and hydrocarbon generation history, by M. S. Massoud, A. C. Scott, S. D. Killops, D. Mattey and M. L. Keeley
• The effect of basement faulting on diapirism, by H. Koyi, M. K. Jenyon and K. Petersen
• Petrophysical characteristics of the Middle Eocene Laumontite Tuff reservoir, Samgori field, Republic of Georgia, by M. E. Grynberg, D. Papava, M. Shengalia, A. Takaishvilli, A Nanadze and D. K. Patton
• Palaeozoic structures and oil exploration prospects in the eastern Tarim Basin, NW China, by Yang Kemin, Xu Guoyou and Jiang Ping
• A new scheme for the formation and classification of bitumens, by B. A. Klubov
• Palaeozoic sandstone reservoirs of the Hamada Basin, NW Libya; effects of synsedimentary processes on porosity, by S. H. A. Shah, A. Mansouri and M. El Ghoul
• The Zubair Formation, East Baghdad oilfield, Central Iraq, by A. Jawad Ali and Z. R. Aziz

Vol. 16, no. 4, October 1993
Thematic issue: "Petroleum potential of Argentina"
• History of hydrocarbons exploration and production in Argentina, by M. R. Yrigoyen
• Geology and hydrocarbon potential of the Neuquen Basin, Argentina, by S. L. Hogg
• Hydrocarbon habitat in a Triassic-to-Cretaceous Sub-Andean setting; Neuquen Basin, Argentina, by M. A. Uliana and L. Legarreta
• Depositional models of the Lower Cretaceous Quintuco-Loma Montosa Formation, Neuquen Basin, Argentina, by A. V. Carozzi, I. A. Orchuela and M. L. R. Schelotto
• Basin evolution and prospectivity of the Argentine continental margin, by M. L. Keeley and M. P. R. Light
• Tectonostratigraphic development of Patagonia and its relevance to hydrocarbon exploration, by M. Light, M. L. Keeley, M. P. Masalanyj, and C. M. Urien

Vol. 17, no. 1, January 1994
• Basin richness and source-rock disruption; a fundamental relationship? by L. C. Price
• Cuban geology: a new plate-tectonic synthesis, by M. Iturralde-Vinent
• A genetic approach to the prediction of petrophysical properties, by F.X. Jian, C. Chork, I. J. Taggart, D. M. McKay and R. M. Bartlett
• The recoverable oil and gas resources of Mongolia, by W. I. Penttila
Niagaran reefs of northern Michigan, Part 1: exploration portrait, by D. Gill
• An empirical expression for permeability in unconsolidated sands of the E. Niger Delta, by O. Owolabi, T. F. LongJohn and J. A. Ajienka

Vol. 17, no. 2, April 1994
• Structural and tectonic synthesis for the Perth Basin, W. Australia, by L. B. Harris
• Mesozoic source rocks and hydrocarbon potential of the Seychelles offshore, by P. S. Plummer
• Jordan revisited: hydrocarbons habitat and potential, by Z. R. Beydoun, A. Futyan and A. H. Jawzi
• The petroleum geology of Cambodia, by V. I. Vysotsky, R. D. Rodnikova and Mak Ngion Li
• Origin and diagenesis of sedimentary organic nitrogen, by M. Baxby, R. L. Patience and K. D. Bartle
• Niagaran reefs of northern Michigan, Part II. Resource appraisal, by D. Gill

Vol. 17, no. 3, July 1994
• Karstic reservoirs of the mid-Cretaceous Mardin Group, SE Turkey; tectonic and eustatic controls on their genesis, distribution and preservation, by J. Cater and J. R. Gillcrist
• Albian clastics of the western Arabian Gulf region; a sedimentological and petroleum-geological interpretation, by A. Alsharhan
• Formation of non-compressional sedimentary basins on continental crust; limitations on modern models, by H. V. Lyatsky
• Organic matter in oil shales from the Lowmead Basin, Queensland, Australia, by M. Rahman, R. R. F. Kinghorn and P. J. Gibson
• The location of major oil- and gasfields: examples from the Andean foreland, by J.-C. Pratsch
• Factors affecting the dynamic equilibrium of gas accumulations, by Zhang YiGang
• "Age of salt in the Gulf of Mexico Basin", Comment, by J. Hossack
Reply, by H. H. Wilson

Vol. 17, no. 4, October 1994
• Stratigraphy of the Mergui Basin, Andaman Sea; implications for petroleum exploration, by S. Polachan and A. Racey
• The occurrence of authigenic pyrite in Middle Jurassic Brent Group sediments, by D. J. Prosser, J. A. Daws, A. E. Fallick and B. P. Williams
• Probably Cretaceous-to-Recent rifting in the Gulf of Mexico basin, Part 1, by J. M. Reed
• Clay mineral studies of the subsurface Niger Delta, by M. I. Odigi
• Oil possibilities of duplex structures in the Amik-Reyhanli Basin, SE Turkey, by B. Coskun
• Earthquake recurrence in Kuwait induced by oil and gas extraction, by F. Bou-Rabee

Vol. 18, no. 1, January 1995
• A new hydrocarbon "play" area offshore Socotra Island, Republic of Yemen , by S. M. Richardson, W. F. Bott, B. A. Smith, W. D. Hollar and P. M. Bermingham
• Depositional models and reservoir properties of Miocene reefs, Visayan Islands, Philippines, by A. V. Carozzi
• Probable Cretaceous to recent rifting in the Gulf of Mexico Basin, Part 2, by J. M. Reed
• Lebanon revisited: new insights into Triassic hydrocarbon prospects, by Z. R. Beydoun and J. Habib
• A practical classification of kerogens related to hydrocarbon generation, by M. Rahman and R. R. F. Kinghorn
• "Basin richness and source rock disruption: a fundamental relationship": Comment, by K. Magara
• Reply, by L. C. Price

Vol. 18, no. 2, April 1995
• Post-Jurassic tectonism in the West Siberian Basin, Russia, by R. A. James
• Palinspastic and crustal setting of the Eastern Mediterranean, by F. Hirsch, A. Flexer, A. Rosenfeld, and A. Yellin-Dror
• Petroleum prospects of Upper Triassic carbonates in Northern Iraq, by F. Sadooni
• A critical comparison of neural networks and discriminant analysis in lithofacies, porosity and permeability predictions, by P. M. Wong, F. X. Jian and I. J. Taggart
• Tectonic fabric of the Atlantic Ocean floor: speculation versus reality, by N. C. Smoot and (the late) A. A. Meyerhoff
• The Rowan Sandstone Member (Upper Jurassic to Lower Cretaceous): stratigraphic definition and implications for North Sea exploration, by D. N. Wade, D. A. Lawrence and L. A. Riley
Obituary: A.A. Meyerhoff (1928-1994), by H. Teitz

Vol. 18, no. 3, July 1995
• Superposed deformation in the northern Suez Rift, Egypt: Relevance to hydrocarbons exploration, by A. R. Moustafa and M. H. Khalil
• Volcanogenic and volcaniclastic reservoir rocks in Mesozoic-Cenozoic island arcs: examples from the Caucasus and NW Pacific, by L. Levin
• Geochemical characterization and relationship of oils and solid bitumens from SE Turkey, by E. Mueller, R. P. Philp and J. Allen
• Reservoir potential of the Maastrichtian Pab Sandstone in the Eastern Suleiman fold-belt, by M. Sultan and M. Gipson Jr.
• Porosity evaluation of seismically-resolved Zechstein carbonate layers, Logumkloster-1 well, Denmark, by K. G. Maver
• Seismic stratigraphic studies of the continental shelf of Southern Vietnam, by Mai Thanh Tan

Vol. 18, no. 4, October 1995
• Quantitative modelling of salt and sediment interaction: evolution of a North Louisiana salt diapir, by K. Petersen and I. Lerche
• Petroleum in glacially-related sandstones of Gondwana: a review, by P. E. Potter, A. B. Franca, C. W. Spencer and M. V. Caputo
• Numerical modelling of diagenetic quartz hydrogeology at a graben edge: Brent oilfields, North Sea, by A. M. Mullis and R. S. Haszeldine
• Origin of the mid-Ypresian Jirani Dolomite - a major reservoir rock in the NW Libya offshore, by I. Y. Mriheel and J. M. Anketell
• Palaeozoic pre-salt sediments in the PreCaspian Petroliferous Province, by N. V. Nevolin and D. L. Fedorov
• Petroleum systems and global tectonics, by A. Perrodon

Vol. 19, no. 1, January 1996
• Stratigraphy and reservoir potential of the Mesozoic Khorat Group, NE Thailand, Part 1: Stratigraphy and sedimentary evolution, by A. Racey, M. A. Love, A. Canham, J. G. S. Goodall, S. Polachan and P. D. Jones
• Oceanic methane hydrates: a "frontier" gas resource, by M. D. Max and A. Lowrie
• Subsurface Triassic sediments in Jordan: stratigraphic and depositional characteristics, and hydrocarbon potential, by R. Shinaq
• Potential for coal-derived gaseous hydrocarbons in the Middle Benue Trough of Nigeria, by N. G. Obaje and S. I. Abaa
• An evaluation of the hydrocarbon potential of the sedimentary basins of Libya, by Y. D. Gumati, W. H. Kanes and S. Schamel

Volume 19, no. 2, April 1996
• The hydrocarbon geology of southern offshore Malta and surrounding regions, by W. F. Bishop and G. Debono
• Petroleum potential of the Falkland Islands offshore area, by P. C. Richards, R. W. Gatliff, M. F. Quin and N. Fannin
• The tectonic and depositional history of Kuwait from seismic reflections data, by F. Bou-Rabee
• Oil and gas potential of the PreRif foreland basin, onshore northern Morocco, by J. C. Pratsch
• Geology and hydrocarbon potential of Dalma Island, offshore Abu Dhabi, by M. G. Salah
• Characterisation of low molecular weight hydrocarbons in fluid inclusions from fracture-filling anhydrite in the Southern North Sea gasfields, by B. McNeil

Volume 19, no.3, July 1996
• A new facies model for the Misoa Formation (Eocene), Venezuela’s main oil reservoir, by R. Higgs
• Stratigraphic and lithologic characteristics of Upper Cretaceous carbonates in Central Iraq,
by F. N. Sadooni
• Geochemistry, isotopic composition and origin of the Beda dolomites, Block NC74F, SW Sirt Basin, Libya, by B. B Garea and C. J. R. Braithwaite
• Relationships between shale content and given grain-size parameters in the Safaniya Sandstone Reservoir, NE Saudi Arabia, by S. Sanner, M. N. Cagatay and A. M. Al Sanounah
• Stratigraphy and reservoir potential of the Mesozoic Khorat Group, NE Thailand, Part 2. Diagenesis and reservoir quality, by A. C. Canham, M. A. Love, A. Racey and S. Polachan
• Fractals and their applicability in geologic wireline log analysis, by J. Pang and C. P. North

Volume 19, no. 4, October 1996
• Influence of depositional environment on diagenesis and reservoir quality: Tirrawarra Sandstone Reservoir, Southern Cooper Basin, Australia, by M. R. Rezaee and N. Lemon
• Integrated outcrop analogue studies from Triassic alluvial reservoirs; examples from southern Germany, by T. Aigner et al.
• Revision of the Mahakam Coal Series: Rock-Eval and Rank(S) relations, by R. Suggate and J. Boudou
• Geothermal investigations in the Dead Sea Rift Zone, Israel; implications for petroleum geology, by L. Eppelbaum, M. Modelevsky and A. Pilchin
• Tectonic controls on the evolution of porosity in the Cretaceous Mardin Group carbonates, Adiyaman oilfields, SE Turkey, by B. Coskun
• A preliminary evaluation of lower and mid-Cretaceous source rocks in Kuwait, by F. H. A. Abdullah and R. R. F. Kinghorn

Volume 20, no. 1, January 1997
• The distribution of Aptian sandstone in the Central and Northern North Sea (UK Sectors); a lowstand systems tract "play", Part 1, by S, Crittenden, J. M. Cole and M. J. Kirk
• Geology and petroleum potential of the Khorat Plateau Basin in the Vientien area of Lao P. D. R. by P. F. Lovatt Smith and R. B. Stokes
• The Cretaceous series in the Chad Basin, NE Nigeria: source rock potential and thermal maturity, by R. O. Olugbemiro, B. Ligouis and S. I. Abaa
• The nature and preservation of organic matter in Holocene lacustrine/deltaic sediments of Lower Mesopotamia, SE Iraq, by A. A. M. Aqrawi

Editorial Board Supplement, 1
• Ancient users of hydrocarbons in the Middle East, by Z. R. Beydoun
• The Llanos Basin, Colombia, by H. Duqe-Caro
• Is Arabia an analogue for the NW European Rotliegend? by K. W. Glennie
• Seismic interpretation in earlier days, by M. K. Jenyon
• Natural Gas in New Zealand, by G. van der Lingen
• "Overgrown and overflowed ", by A. R. Martinez
• Thoughts on petroleum geochemistry, by L. C. Price (and R. McNeil)
• Petroleum geology: science or technology? by R. Stoneley

Volume 20, no. 2, April 1997
• Hydrocarbon source potential and maturation in Eocene New Zealand vitrinite-rich coals: insights from traditional coal analysis, and Rock-Eval and biomarker studies, by J. Newman, L. C. Price and J. H. Johnston
• Geology of the North Falkland Basin, by P. C. Richards and N. Fannin
• Fuzzy modelling and prediction of porosity and permeability from the compositional and textural attributes of sandstone, by J. H. Fang and H. C. Chan
• The stratigraphy and hydrocarbon potential of the Riphean-Vendian (Middle-Late Proterozoic) succession on the Russian Platform, by D. L. Fedorov

Editorial Board Supplement, 2
• Analogue modelling – a historical outline, by H. Koyi
• The Tarim Basin, NW China, by Gao Changlin (and Ye Deliao)
• Petroleum Geology -– two decades of change, by G. D. Hobson

Volume 20, no. 3, July 1997
• Sealing capacity of the Mercia Mudstone Group in the East Irish Sea Basin: implications for petroleum exploration, by J. K. Seedhouse and A. Racey
• North Jiangsu Basin, eastern China; accumulation of immature oils and diagenesis of Paleogene reservoir rocks, by Jin Qiang et al.
• Stratigraphy, sedimentary environment and depositional evolution of the Khuff Formation in south-central Saudi Arabia, by A. A. Al-Aswad
• The Miocene Kareem Formation, southern Gulf of Suez, Egypt: a review of stratigraphy and petroleum geology, by M. G. Salah and A. S. Alsharhan
• Geohistory modelling of cratonic basins: a case study of the Ordos Basin, NW China, by Ye Jiaren and Lu Mingde
• A neural network approach to knowledge-based well interpolation: a case study of a fluvial sandstone reservoir, by P. Wong, D. Tamhane and L. Wang

Editorial Board Supplement, 3
• Forty-five years of petroleum exploration, by F. Heritier

Volume 20, no. 4, October 1997
• Geochemistry of Lithuanian oils and source rocks: a preliminary assessment, by O. Zdanaviciute and J.A. Bojesen-Koefoed
• Burial and thermal history modelling of the Gafsa-Metlaoui intracontinental basin (Southern Tunisia): implications for petroleum geology, by A. Hlaiem et al.
• Relationships between hydrocarbon generation, coal type and rank for Middle Eocene coals, Buller coalfield, New Zealand, by C. M. Norgate, C. J. Boreham, P. J. J. Kamp and J. Newman
• Riphean hydrocarbon reservoirs of the Yurubchen-Tokhom Zone, Lena-Tunguska Province, NE Russia, by V. G. Kuznetsov
• The Lower Cretaceous petroleum system in NE China, by Dou Lirong

Volume 21, no. 1, January 1998
• Relations between depth of burial, vitrinite reflectance and geothermal gradient, by R. P. Suggate
• Reservoir and source-rock characterisation of the early Paleozoic interval in the PeriBaltic Syneclise, by M.Schleicher, J. Koster, H. Kulke and W. Weil
• Mid-Cretaceous rudist-bearing carbonates of the Mishrif Formation: an important reservoir sequence
in the Mesopotamian basin, Iraq, by A. A. M. Aqrawi et al.
• An introduction to the petroleum potential of Niger, by M. Zanguina, A. Bruneton and R. Gonnard
• Multiple petroleum systems in Tertiary extensional basins, East China: a case study of the Gunan-Fulin Basin, by Chen Jianyu et al.

Volume 21, no. 2, April 1998
• An assessment of Irish Offshore basins and petroleum plays, by P. M. Shannon an D. Naylor
• The role of overpressure in retardation of organic matter maturation, by R. A. McTavish
• The distribution of Aptian sandstones in the Central and Northern North Sea (UK Sector): a lowstand systems tract play: Part 2, by S. Crittenden et al.
• The distribution of oil- and gasfields in relation to satellite image interpretation: an example from the Polish East Carpathians and adjacent foredeep, by P. H. Karnkowski and W. Ozimkowski
• "Hydrocarbon source potential and maturation in Eocene New Zealand vitrinite-rich coals", by J. Newman: Comment, by S. Killops
• Reply, by L. C. Price

Volume 21, no.3, July 1998
• Reflectance retardation (suppression) and source rock properties related to hydrogen-enriched vitrinite in Middle Jurassic coals, Danish North Sea, by H.I.Petersen and I. Rosenberg
• Petroleum generation in the Ukrainian External Carpathians and the adjacent foreland, by Yu Koltun, J. Espitalie, M. Kotarba, F. Roure and P. Kosakowski
• Oxygenic kerogenization of asphaltenes from the Dead Sea Basin, Israel, by P. I. Premovic et al.
• The timing of cementation in the Rotliegend Sandstone of the Southern North Sea: a petrological and fluid-inclusion study of cements, by B. McNeil
• Statistical analysis of syn-rift sediments: an example from the Sarir Sandstone, Messlah field, Sirte Basin, Libya, by R. Gras
• Oceanic methane hydrate: the character of the Blake Ridge hydrate stability zone, and the potential for methane extraction, by M. D. Max and W. P. Dillon

Volume 21, no.4, October 1998
• New developments in the pre-rift prospectivity of the Eritrean Red Sea, by M. A. G. Bunter, T. Debretsion and L. Woldegiorgis
• Hydrocarbon potential of the intracratonic Ogaden Basin, SE Ethiopia, by A. Hunegnaw, L. Sage and R. Gonnard
• Abnormal organic-matter maturation in the Yinggehai Basin, South China Sea: implications for hydrocarbon expulsion and fluid migration from overpressured systems, by Fang Hao et al.
• Diagenesis and reservoir development of sandstones in the Triassic Rewan Group, Bowen Basin, Australia, by A. Bashari
• The Mfamosing Limestone in SE Nigeria: outcrop-subsurface correlation and reservoir development, by T. J. A. Reijers

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